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 MX Z®

MX Z® X-RS® E-TEC® 800R
MSRP C$14,999.00*
MX Z® X-RS® E-TEC® 600 H.O.
MSRP C$14,099.00*
MX Z® X® E-TEC® 800R
MSRP C$14,349.00*
MX Z® X® 4-TEC® 1200
MSRP C$13,649.00*

MX Z® X® E-TEC® 600 H.O.
MSRP C$13,049.00*
MX Z® TNT™ E-TEC® 800R
MSRP C$13,749.00*
MX Z® TNT™ 4-TEC® 1200
MSRP C$12,849.00*
MX Z® TNT™ E-TEC® 600 H.O.
MSRP C$12,449.00*

MX Z® TNT™ ACE™ 900
MSRP C$11,999.00*
MX Z® Sport ACE™ 600
MSRP C$9,699.00*
MX Z® Sport 600 Carb
MSRP C$7,949.00*

Renegade® X-RS® E-TEC® 800R
MSRP C$15,849.00*
Renegade® X® E-TEC® 800R
MSRP C$14,699.00*
Renegade® X® 4-TEC® 1200
MSRP C$13,949.00*
Renegade® X® E-TEC® 600 H.O.
MSRP C$13,399.00*

Renegade® Backcountry™ X® E-TEC® 800R
MSRP C$14,699.00*
Renegade® Backcountry™ E-TEC® 800R
MSRP C$13,749.00*
Renegade® Backcountry™ E-TEC® 600 H.O.
MSRP C$12,849.00*
Renegade® Adrenaline™ E-TEC® 800R
MSRP C$13,999.00*

Renegade® Adrenaline™ 4-TEC® 1200
MSRP C$12,999.00*
Renegade® Adrenaline™ E-TEC® 600 H.O.
MSRP C$12,699.00*
Renegade® Adrenaline™ ACE™ 900
MSRP C$12,249.00*
Renegade® Sport ACE™ 600
MSRP C$10,749.00*

Renegade® Sport 600 Carb
MSRP C$8,299.00*

Summit® X® E-TEC® 800R 174 T3™ Package
MSRP C$15,299.00*
Summit® X® E-TEC® 800R 163 T3™ Package
MSRP C$14,799.00*
Summit® X® E-TEC® 800R 163
MSRP C$14,049.00*
Summit® X® E-TEC® 800R 154
MSRP C$13,649.00*

Summit® X® E-TEC® 800R 146
MSRP C$13,299.00*
Summit® SP E-TEC® 800R 163
MSRP C$13,699.00*
Summit® SP E-TEC® 800R 154
MSRP C$13,299.00*
Summit® SP E-TEC® 800R 146
MSRP C$12,949.00*

Summit® SP E-TEC® 600 H.O. 154
MSRP C$11,999.00*
Summit® SP E-TEC® 600 H.O. 146
MSRP C$11,649.00*
Summit® Sport Power T.E.K. 800R
MSRP C$10,449.00*
Summit® Sport 600 Carb
MSRP C$8,849.00*

Freeride™ 137
MSRP C$15,199.00*
Freeride™ 154
MSRP C$15,149.00*
Freeride™ 146
MSRP C$14,799.00*

MSRP C$15,099.00*
GSX® SE 4-TEC® 1200
MSRP C$14,299.00*
GSX® SE E-TEC® 600 H.O.
MSRP C$13,799.00*
GSX® LE 4-TEC® 1200
MSRP C$13,099.00*

GSX® LE E-TEC® 600 H.O.
MSRP C$12,699.00*
GSX® LE ACE™ 900
MSRP C$12,249.00*
 Grand Touring

Grand Touring™ SE 4-TEC® 1200
MSRP C$14,799.00*
Grand Touring™ LE 4-TEC® 1200
MSRP C$13,699.00*
Grand Touring™ LE E-TEC® 600 H.O.
MSRP C$13,249.00*
Grand Touring™ LE ACE™ 900
MSRP C$12,799.00*

Grand Touring™ Sport ACE™ 600
MSRP C$11,049.00*
Grand Touring™ Sport 550F
MSRP C$9,199.00*

Expedition® SE 4-TEC® 1200
MSRP C$15,549.00*
Expedition® SE E-TEC® 600 H.O.
MSRP C$15,149.00*
Expedition® SE ACE™ 900
MSRP C$14,699.00*
Expedition® LE 4-TEC® 1200
MSRP C$14,199.00*

Expedition® LE E-TEC® 600 H.O.
MSRP C$13,799.00*
Expedition® LE ACE™ 900
MSRP C$13,349.00*
Expedition® Sport ACE™ 900
MSRP C$12,199.00*
Expedition® Sport ACE™ 600
MSRP C$11,299.00*

Expedition® Sport 550F
MSRP C$9,749.00*

Tundra™ Xtreme
MSRP C$12,249.00*
Tundra™ LT ACE™ 600
MSRP C$10,699.00*
Tundra™ LT 550F
MSRP C$8,949.00*
Tundra™ Sport ACE™ 600
MSRP C$10,149.00*

Tundra™ Sport 550F
MSRP C$8,349.00*

Skandic® SWT E-TEC® 600 H.O.
MSRP C$14,399.00*
Skandic® SWT ACE™ 900
MSRP C$13,949.00*
Skandic® WT E-TEC® 600 H.O.
MSRP C$13,399.00*
Skandic® WT ACE™ 900
MSRP C$12,949.00*

Skandic® WT ACE™ 600
MSRP C$12,049.00*
Skandic® WT 550F
MSRP C$10,549.00*
*Price, if shown, is Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and does not include government fees, taxes, dealer freight/preparation, dealer document preparation charges or any finance charges (if applicable). MSRP and/or final actual sales price will vary depending on options or accessories selected.

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