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2002 XP
Reviewer: Henry
From: Lake Elsinore, California, United States
Date: 07/24/2012
Rider Height: 6' 4"
Rider Weight: 190
Miles/Hours: 73 hours
Overall Rating:
Specs: The Cove Muskoka Specs
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Nothing Else Like It

I just got this ski, and within two hours of picking it up I was already at the lake putting it in the water. The only two real things I didn't like about the ski after riding it all day was this. In my personal opinion the stock battery that is used in all 2 stroke Seadoo's is too small and barely lasts a day and second the seat on this XP is hard to grip. Other than that I found nothing wrong with the ski, I had a blast! The VTS worked great and I loved messing with the pitch of it, and the suspension in the seat is a cool aesthetic and is actually quite fun to use. The stability on the other hand is questionable. With one person on it, it is easily manageable and helps with hard, sharp turns. With two people it's another story. If you have an inexperienced rider/passenger, if you're not moving, you will tip. Even if you are moving you will tip. It's pretty much even with two experienced riders on it, we still almost tipped. We had a blast doing it. Don't get me wrong, but practically if you wanted to get from point A to Point B with no problems, this isn't the way to do it. It is so unstable with two people on it, it is just funny to watch. But anyways, enough with stability. It had great reliability, started right up almost every time. The only thing was if we didn't use it for maybe an hour in between uses, we had to use the choke to start it. But other than that, no problems whatsoever. Since this is a sports ski it makes sense that it doesn't have any real storage, But it is a little bit annoying, the only real things you can keep under the front hatch are a tow rope, a very small first aid kit, maybe a couple bottles of water and of course the fire extinguisher that comes with it. But since the ski doesn't have a reverse it can be a bit tricky putting it on a trailer if you're a newbie, so the easiest way is to turn it off, jump off and just place it in and hook it up. But overall it's my favorite ski for sure. I had a blast and got some serious hang time! But be careful if you're not experienced with jet skis, because this one will throw you off! I came off about three times the first time I rode this, because I've only ridden 3 seaters and this is literally a dirt bike on water. If you overdo it, you're done and you will come off. I learned the hard way and came off at top speed (60 mph!)

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